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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews This book is definitely different than any book I have read before it. It left me with a lack of emotions at the end that I truly did not know how to handle. I felt empty, ambivalent confused. Did I like the book? Did I not? I could not tell at all. During the first half of the book, I felt as if I was not enjoying it as much as I could. I was already 100 pages in and nothing much had happened. Jesse Andrews used these pages to build up the world of Greg Gaines’s life and give background stories about him, Earl, and Rachel. The second half had more of a plot to it, but i felt as if I could predict what was happening next. I was not blown away by anything in this novel.Finally, after sitting on this review for a few days, I think I have discovered what it is about this book that caused it to be predictable and why it felt off to me. I realized that Greg and I are way too similar. I have never been one to cry about anything. I don’t feel bad when sad things happen, I more-so get annoyed that I don’t feel the same kind of emotions as many other claim to. I’m not sure if that is weird, or just how I am. I realized that Greg Gaines had this similar issue and it made me realize how real of a character Greg is.This book is real. It is disgusting in parts. It is not a story about triumph and love. It is real. It is a story about an event and that is what makes it great. Jesse Andrews is able to prove that you do not need a big, glamorous ending to a novel in order to leave a lasting impression. I’m glad I had this realization and I am glad I read this book, as well.