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Prodigy (Legend Series #2)

Prodigy - Marie Lu I really, really enjoyed Prodigy. I think I actually enjoyed Prodigy more than Legend, which almost seems impossible. The alternating first person points of view kept me engaged easily and Marie Lu's writing style really appealed to me. I was in a reading slump during the first half of this book and it took from March until May to pick this book up again and finish it. I'm glad that I did, though, because as soon as I picked it up, I couldn't put it back down. The non-stop action of the second half kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending really caught me completely off guard, leaving me wanting Champion NOW! November cannot come fast enough. But, I also enjoyed the fact that Legend and Prodigy have closure as novels. They are not an intro to the next novel. They do not rely on each other, but fuel each other instead which is amazing.I do wish that I knew what becomes of Tess. She pissed me off so much for the first half of the novel. Just because you're around doesn't mean Day has to love you! The 'Friend Zone' idea doesn't apply in this situation so STOP FUSSING. She pushed herself at him and he was too overwhelmed to understand what to do. That part of the romance upset me.I also want to know if June is OK. The break up felt way to real & like my own life's past, which caught me off guard, causing me to feel it way more than I should.Overall, I give this book 5/5 stars. If I could give it 100 stars, I would. It deserve ALL OF THE STARS. But alas, 5 is the most that I can give. If you haven't read Legend READ IT. You need these two books in your life. The character building, militaristic version of the USA, and ever-changing plot make it a must read.